Identity Crisis 

I’m writing this post because my twin thinks I can’t read her mind or know what she’s feeling. Therefore, this post is dedicated to what my twin “R” is going through her entire life but I know she can’t express it. This is my perspective of what my twin is thinking.  Dear Twin, I’m going … More Identity Crisis 

Broken Inside 

How does it feel to be broken inside?  Being broken means that something damaged you to pieces,  damaged you to the point where you doubt anything can fix you.  Being damaged is reaching a point where you cant fight anymore,  you’re hopless and you lost hope.  No one knows it because it’s hidden way beneath … More Broken Inside 

Dear Father 

This post is about my true feelings towards my father. I never had the courage to write what I truly felt because writing what I felt meant that there is no going back. I just want to tell anyone who faced something similar, to know that they’re not alone, I know exactly how it feels … More Dear Father 

Twin Bond 

The minute any person looks at my twin and I they immediately ask these questions..  1-You guys wear matching clothes right? 2-Do you like have some sort of twin telepathy? 3-If she gets hurt, do you also get hurt? 4-How does it feel having a twin?  My twin and I have to answer these questions … More Twin Bond 

Losing Yourself 

“The worst feeling is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself.” Elena Gilbert The struggle of losing yourself is real and painful. No one knows what you lost but you. You lost yourself and you can’t find it. Part of you isn’t the same anymore. You’re lonely when you’re surrounded with people. You’re smiling … More Losing Yourself 

I Wish 

I wish that someone would have told me when I was younger that one day you will get lost, get lost finding yourself. I wish I was told that heartbreaks are even harder than it sounds. They break you into pieces of regret, guilt, sorrow, and deep sadness. Your heart will eventually heal but the … More I Wish