I Wish 

I wish that someone would have told me when I was younger that one day you will get lost, get lost finding yourself.

I wish I was told that heartbreaks are even harder than it sounds. They break you into pieces of regret, guilt, sorrow, and deep sadness. Your heart will eventually heal but the scars/memories won’t.

I wish I was told that it is okay not to be okay or happy. It’s normal to say ‘I’m not fine”, “I’m not okay”, “I’m in pain”, “I’m scared”. I wish I knew how to express my emotions without the fear of being judged or misunderstood, this way I would have stopped putting on a fake smile every second of the day to hide and conceal my painful and devastating emotions.  

I wish I knew that giving every part of you to someone who you care about might leave you in pieces of betrayal. 

I wish I knew that the closest people to your heart are the ones who hurt you the most.
I wish I knew that the scars in your heart won’t ever fade away. You’ll get better and move on, but they will remain there till you take your last breath.
I wish I knew that caring and trusting to much for someone would leave you no good.


Life taught me something extremely valuable. You need to be strong to enjoy the beauty of your life. You need to forgive and/or forget to move forward. You need to work hard no matter the challenges you face in order to enjoy the outcomes and results.

and most importantly, you need to keep caring and trusting people even after many heartbreaks because one day that special person will be worth all the trust and love you give. You should never give up on people because of previous experiences, you learn from your mistakes and try to be more aware next time. Our heart is much more stronger than we think. 

Finally, life taught me that you can start over whenever you want. A new day is a new page, therefore, start writing your own life story the way you want and don’t ever be settled for anything you don’t desire. 

“The story of your past doesn’t have to become the story of your life.” 

When will you pick up the pen, turn to a new page and start writing your own story the way you want it to be? 


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