Twin Bond 

The minute any person looks at my twin and I they immediately ask these questions.. 

1-You guys wear matching clothes right?

2-Do you like have some sort of twin telepathy?

3-If she gets hurt, do you also get hurt?

4-How does it feel having a twin? 

My twin and I have to answer these questions daily to every new person we meet, therefore, i decided to write this post for everyone to know how it really feels to have a twin.

First, lets make things straight, my twin and I never had matching outfits, never! Not even when we were babies, because my mom believed wearing matching outfits would indicate same personalities, and we dont, we’re twins but totally different.
Growing up with my twin was a blessing, you’d never be alone, you’d always find someone to comfort you, have fun with you, get into deep conversations in the middle of the night, watching movies, etc. 

Yet, we definitely have completely opposite and different personalities! Im an extrovert shes an introvert. I was always the social one, loved going out, loved meeting new people, get in touch with everyone, reading and talking A LOT, getting into plays and auditions. 

While my twin didnt, she was a bit social but she prefers staying home watching netflix instead of going out for a party, her perfect weekend would be going to a restaurant or a calm/chill place where we can sit watch a movie, talk, laugh without having to get all fancy, wearing pj’s is always her #1 option. She hated talking on the phone or to strangers, she was insecure by her voice as its soo soft and low compared to my very loud strong voice, so basically i did the talking my entire life. She hated texting and chatting but didnt want to look like a loner so i would always take her phone and answer all her friends texts, make plans, and then explain everything to my twin later on. 

I think youre getting the picture that we’re totally different? 

Next question, no we dont have some sort of twin telepathy although we used to as kids, we were able to have conversations without even saying a word. We both know what each of us is thinking and feeling. It was fun, we’d be sitting with the family watching a movie then out of a sudden my twin would answer my question (which i didn’t ask out loud) and everyone would be so confused. We’d be in different classes in school, and I’d have an exam that i didnt study so i easily think of the question and immediately my twin would know i need her and answer/help me during my exam. We always have the exact same grade, same test mistakes, same answers even while writing an essay! 

Unfortunately, we’ve lost that skill, now i seriously cant read her mind but i still sense her feelings i think its sort of a strong sibling relationship. I know what she feels specially because both of us keep our emotions inside and we both tend to hide what we feel, so the only person who would really know if im hiding something is her.

Moving to the part where if she gets her i feel the pain. No i dont, but of course any person would feel strange when their siblings arent feeling well, its not only about twins. I’m very protective when it comes to her, i never show it, but i get worried a lot, i always have to make sure shes okay, i’d turn into a monster literally (not exaggerating) if anyone touched or hurt her feelings. Maybe because I’ve almost lost her once by a car accident at the age of 8, and i saw it in front of my eyes, therefore, seeing her go through this amount of pain, coma, stitches, damages, surgeries, made me a totally new person, a very emotional protective person. Shes my soulmate, my best friend, my twin, and most importantly my other half. 

I’m going to end this by saying having a twin is the most amazing feel ever but society makes it very complicated due to the fact that we’re constantly being compared to each other, we’re constantly seen as one person so shes blamed if i get into trouble, she faces the same consequences of my actions which is not fair. When anyone talks to us they address us as one person which is a bit disturbing because we’re not the same. We are always judged by being different or not going out together (having different plans). Everyone always assumes that we get jealous of each other if one of us did a better job than the other. BUT we don’t we never got jealous from each other we understand that we both have different capabilities, desires, talents and interests. 

“Just because two people look the same, doesn’t mean they have the same dreams.”

Finally, have a twin or a sibling bond is one of the most amazing blessing. Everyone should be grateful to have a brother/sister that looks out for him/her. Family is the most beautiful part of anyones life. 

2 thoughts on “Twin Bond 

    1. Thank you soo much. Yes exactly, movies have created a lot of myths and stereotypes regarding twins telepathy, which in fact most twins don’t have or at least lost the ‘telepathic bond’ ability from a very young age.

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