Broken Inside 

How does it feel to be broken inside? 

Being broken means that something damaged you to pieces,

 damaged you to the point where you doubt anything can fix you.

 Being damaged is reaching a point where you cant fight anymore,

 you’re hopless and you lost hope. 

No one knows it because it’s hidden way beneath your soul and covered by different masks. 

Masks to keep your pain hidden from people. 

Being broken feels like you don’t belong anywhere, 

like you’re stuck between walls, the walls of darkness. 

You no longer feel loved even with your closest friends. 

You can really feel the pain in every inch of your body. Your heart is hurting but you can’t do anything about it. 

Being broken is hiding your personality but you’ve been hiding it for so long that you no longer recognize yourself. 

You’re smiling to hide the tears, laughing to hide the pain, dancing to hide the scars, sleeping to avoid reality. 

You eventually turn to someone you’re not, all these fake emotions and fake illustrations makes your life miserable and not worth living.

You’re extremely sad that it physically starts to hurt inside. 
…. you lost yourself… 

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