Insecurities &Self-Hatred 

This post is addressed to:

  1. People with insecurities and self-hatred, telling them they’re not alone and suggesting ways to lower their insecurities. 
  2. People who do not understand what it feels like to be insecure.

▪️To give everyone reading this post a better picture I want you to think of someone you despise and hate a lot. Maybe someone who hurt you, betrayed you, broke your heart, broke your trust, etc. 

▪️Second step is to imagine this exact person lives inside of you. This person lives in your body, head, and heart. This person is the reason you can’t see yourself right in the mirror. This person is already controlling your mind. You are forced to listen to him/her when they talk, mock and bully you.  

▪️Now I need you to also imagine that you see this person every second of the day, how disturbing is that? Well, when you have insecurities and you hate yourself you will experience someone inside of you talking to you before you take any step towards anyone or anything. 

▪️You can’t look at yourself in the mirror because what you see is someone who hates his/her body. Avoiding the mirror is a way to avoid seeing your true reflection. 

▪️You get upset when someone tells you “you’re not fat” because they don’t understand how it feels like to look at the mirror and wish you can change the way you look. Change every inch of your body!

▪️You’re very shy even with your closest people because you feel that they might judge or they might not understand where you’re coming from.

▪️You’re just not satisfied by the way you look, it’s never enough. You still feel something’s missing.

▪️You’re trapped with society’s expectations and rules. But the fact that you can’t meet them makes you more insecure.

▪️You’re out with your friends having a good time then all of a sudden a feeling hits you, this feeling will let you zone out for a while. Zoning out on previous flashbacks or you zone out because you’re terrified what the people around you thinks of you. 

▪️You’re scared someone would tell you anything that will hurt you. Because to everyone else it’s just a word, it only slipped but to you its trigged dark thoughts. This word will keep on repeating in your head over and over again until it destroys you.

▪️You become socially awkward and insecure. Therefore, you slowly start to disappear in order to escape the people and escape your reality.

▪️Although this seems hard, terrifying, and tiring. However, coming from someone who’s very insecure about her weight, looks, thighs, and personality. My advice is to never give up on yourself!!!

▪️If you’re insecure about your body then do something about it. 

▪️If you’re insecure about your weight, then start training and exercising until you get satisfied and comfortable about your looks.

▪️If you’re insecure about your personality, then find what’s causing this, trigger this problem and fix it. Changing some of your personality traits that you hate is hard and needs time. Yet, nothing is impossible!! 

❗️Whatever we do, we have to accept the fact that we’ll always be in a judgmental society, a society that feeds from our happiness and profits from our doubts and struggles. Never let society win, we were born free and we need to live with freedom. 

❗️Always remember something; our mind is our greatest and strongest weapon. If we use it against us, it will destroy us into pieces. However, if we use our mind for our own benefit and for our own sake, it will fight for us. Our mind always believes everything we tell and express, therefore, let us all make sure that we tell our mind the right thing. If we feed it with hate, it will give us hate. If we feed it with self-doubts, it will give us misery, and if we feed it with anger, it will give us a negative life. 

  • We need to feed our mind with love, with happiness, with acceptance, and most importantly with true real faith.
  • It’s never too late to change the way you think, after all we only live once, let’s not take it for granted.

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