Identity Crisis 

I’m writing this post because my twin thinks I can’t read her mind or know what she’s feeling. Therefore, this post is dedicated to what my twin “R” is going through her entire life but I know she can’t express it. This is my perspective of what my twin is thinking. 
Dear Twin,

I’m going through an identity crisis and I can’t tell you, I’m afraid you’ll be upset or disappointed. I love how we always go through the same things, look at the world with the same eyes, enjoy the same memories. But I can’t do it anymore, I can’t be your shadow anymore, I know you never meant to take the lead on everything but your personality is always on the lead. 

I want to change the “we” to “I”, it’s time i get to be recognized as my own identity not your twin. I don’t want to look at the mirror and see you instead of me. I want people to start calling my name first (this might seem silly) but it matters to me. My voice is never heard when I’m with you because everyone sees me as your pair.

You have your own stories without me, you have your own memories, own friends, but i don’t. Being an introvert is very hard sometimes, i’m trying to change but its really difficult to be compared to you 24/7.
Questions like why are you quite? Why are you shy? Why is your twin more active? Why don’t you talk? Why is your voice low? This drives me crazy, when will i stop being compared to you? When will i start being my own individual.

Despite everything I never regret nor want to change the fact that I have you, but im really facing an identity crisis, and i need to start knowing myself more. 
With love,

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